Distributor and Service Maintenance of Medical Lab Equipment and Reagents



Distributor and Service Maintenance of Medical Equipment Reagents and Hospital Laboratory located in Bekasi City, West Java.

We ensure that every product we distribute is high quality and is supported by good after-sales service.

We hope can build a mutually beneficial partnership. Our commitment is provide support for the availability of quality products and good after-sales service.

The background that made PT. Tirta Pasifik Medikatama can be trusted for its authenticity

Founded on

11th October 2013


The products distributed are good quality


CDAKB from Kemenkes RI

ISO 9001/2015


Making PT. Tirta Pasifik Medikatama as a trusted provider of medical device products, which prioritizes customer service and satisfaction.


Improving health services for the people of Indonesia by providing good quality products at affordable price.



Providing quality products in the field of medical devices through distribution, marketing, trading and after sales services.


Empowering all employees as the main capital to provide the best quality service for customers, effective and efficient operations, as well as creating optimal value for stakeholders.


Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with principals that produce quality products.


Continuously improve hardware and software technology capabilities for global competition


Continuously encourage the spirit of change towards a better direction in terms of quality and service